A Reader Says Local TV Stations and Newspapers Follow A Propaganda Script
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From: Roy Engstrom email

I wonder if anyone has kept a count on how many times a number of local television stations and a few semi-neutral newspapers have written or reported variations of this about the Minuteman Project:

"Law enforcement officials have said they fear the project will lead to vigilante violence."

Why do so many local news programs have close to the exact same sound-bite, hmm?

With which law enforcement officials have these news people spoken? Well, these so-called news sources never are forthcoming about who said that they have a "fear", but they make it sound like the experts are worried.  And, perception is nearly everything.

Then there's the omnipresent word "vigilante" usually followed by that other dangerous sounding term "violence." The alliteration calls attention to these two words, perhaps they will soon put it to music. But then, George Bush made it OK to use this ad hominem attack or stereotyping by referring to the Minutemen as vigilantes. That was George showing leadership by example.

About half of these newscasters and journalists also said that there was some border patrol agent somewhere that said the Minuteman Project wasn't a good thing. They never asked the question about the possibility that the unnamed border patrol source was required to state that the Minuteman Project was a bad thing in order to save their job.

Most amusing was what these newsies failed to report on—the hilarious over-reaction by Mexico bringing in troops just across the border!

In spite of all this, the Minuteman Project is achieving great publicity; there will be no stopping this grassroots movement.

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