A Texas Reader Is Offended By Charges Of Racism Against VDARE.COM
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06/15/07 - A Reader Says Local TV Stations and Newspapers Follow A Propaganda Script

From: Paul White: [e-mail him]

Re: Today's Letter: A Louisiana Reader Asks "Racist" VDARE.COM To Give Poor People A Chance

As I have spent time researching Mexico and other South American countries, I have concluded that it is not imperialistic powers or elites that make most of Latin America destitute and dysfunctional as suggested by letter writer Choi.  It is the culture of the masses.

Without Europeans, someone like the Aztecs would be the world's major power, and there would be much suffering.  Whoever says other primitive societies would have risen to our level of human decency is a liar.

As for Choi, why do we allow this apparent enemy of the United States to live on our soil?  If we do what he suggests—grant aliens "a path to citizenship"— this country and its institutions would absolutely be destroyed.

White is a laid off programmer analyst who currently works in oil field services. Choi is a legal immigrant from Lativa.

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