Another (!) Reconquista Reader Says Italians Make Him Sick
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An Italian-American Reader Says Domenici's WISH Bill is Reprehensible

From: Jose Pagan [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: An Italian-American Says Basta! To Hispanic Heritage Month

Ignorant racist Italian-Americans like Guzzardi make me sick.

He doesn't even know his own history. Italy was controlled by Spain for 200 years; Sicily for 500 years.

That means he probably has Spanish blood in him.

Let me instruct Guzzardi on his own history.

In 1495 the French invaded Italy because it was divided but rich. The Italians were abused, raped and beaten by the French. The Spanish intervened to help their Latin brethren.

From 1503 to 1525, the Spanish drove the French north. Italians viewed the Spaniards as liberators since Spaniards and Italians speak identical languages.

Finally at the Battle of Pavia in 1525 the French were defeated by a combined Spanish/ Italian army.

Italians fought and contributed to the Spanish Empire because Spain protected them.

If I didn't have any Italian friends, I would hate you guys.

The differences between Hispanics and Italians is that Italians let the Anglo-Saxons rob you of your culture, language and history like they did to the Blacks.

We didn't let that happen.

Italian Heritage month and Hispanic heritage month overlap. Big deal!

We have a common history and both are descended from the Romans!

You probably don't know about that.

You're probably some ignorant blue-collar high school dropout. 


Joe Guzzardi replies: At last I understand. Mexicans are disgusted with me because I simply have not spent enough time thinking about the consequences of the Battle of Pavia.

How could I have been so foolish? Now that I realize my oversight I will, effective immediately, get busy on my Internet research with the hope that a greater understanding of the consequences of that battle waged five centuries ago will enlighten me about today's Mexican-American relationship.

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