Today's Letter: An Oregon Reader Wonders How Many Jobs Alien Jose Alfredo Cobian Stole From American Workers
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From: Ronald N. Swaren [e-mail him]

A Portland illegal alien labor organizer for the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Jose Alfredo Cobian, AKA Jose Luis Mendoza, faces jail time and/or deportation for a laundry list of immigration offenses according to the Northwest Labor Press. [Carpenters Organizer Faces Jail, Deportation, By Don McIntosh, November 17, 2006]

For more than ten years, Cobian/Mendoza has recruited fellow illegal aliens, purchased false documents, traveled between the U.S and Mexico illegally multiple times and even bought a house under his false name.

Over that same decade, while Cobian/Mendoza thumbed his nose at U.S. immigration laws, how many American carpenters have been denied jobs because of the extensive infiltration of aliens into the unions?

Swaren's previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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