A Reader Says "Invite The World" Consequences Have Reached Milwaukee
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07/10/07 - A Former CA Highway Patrol Officer Explains How Illegal Aliens Get Away With It—Thanks To Friends Like Rep. Joe Baca

From: DG

I have lived in Nebraska, Iowa, California, Florida, Tennessee and Maine. I've seen illegal immigration's negative impact in each of those states.

The consequences of President Bush's "invite the world" policies are everywhere—even in my current hometown of Milwaukee.

In May, as reported by VDARE.COM's Brenda Walker, illegal alien Ezeiquiel Lopez murdered Kenosha County Deputy Frank Fabiano.

Lopez had multiple aliases and social security numbers. In addition, Lopez had been arrested several previous times.

And perhaps the most amazing illegal alien story is that of Oscar Ayala-Cornejo, who fooled enough people to eventually become a member of the Milwaukee police force.

That's right…an illegal alien on the police force! Background checks…what are they? To perpetrate his fraud, Ayala-Cornejo took the name of his dead relative Jose Morales. The Milwaukee Police Department suspended him…with pay.

Yet a local church devoted a mass to Ayala-Cornejo and a pro-amnesty organization, Mexican Fiesta, have lobbied on his behalf.

Talk about "don't ask, don't tell," Ayala-Cornejo's brother Alex is also a MPD who kept Oscar's secret

I won't forget about our recent hard-won Senate battle for survival. To remind me what's at stake, I pass two Mexican flags flying prominently on a tall building on the corner of Cesar Chavez Blvd.   

When he lived in Maine, DG attended town hall meetings regarding the Somali invasion that he describes as "unbelievable." DG also notes that he cannot access VDARE.COM at his work place since it has been labeled "an extreme political source."

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