A Former CA Highway Patrol Officer Explains How Illegal Aliens Get Away With It—Thanks To Friends Like Rep. Joe Baca
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From: Dave Hollenbeck (e-mail him)

Re: Don Collins' Collins' Column: A Democrat Sends A Post Amnesty Defeat Warning To His Party's Leadership

For more than thirty years, I was a California Highway Patrol Officer. Twenty-seven of those years were in San Diego County, on the Mexico/U.S. border.

I had thousands of experiences with illegal aliens, none of them positive. They have total contempt for US law enforcers as well as its citizens.

Why you may ask?

In law enforcement if you try to be nice, the person you deal with perceives you as weak.

Many aliens have a business card in their wallet with the name of a Hispanic attorney either in Los Angeles or Santa Ana (both sanctuary cities) that figuratively says: "If you are arrested, call me—we will sue the cops for civil rights violations.

U.S. citizens are seen as suckers whose government gives illegal aliens benefits.

The Border Patrol is under-funded and limited in its scope by political hacks.

Here's an example. In San Diego County, on Interstate 15, there is a checkpoint. Four Agents decided that they were wasting their valuable time. They got into vans and proceeded to patrol Riverside and San Bernardino counties. In four days, the agents rounded up over four hundred illegal aliens right off the streets.

But Democratic Rep. Joe Baca went to the head of the Border Patrol to complain that the agents were harassing and causing discomfort among his constituents, largely aliens themselves.

The agents were ordered not to leave their checkpoint again.

No one—except law enforcement—has the guts to say to a minority or a member of the victim class, "You are wrong. What you did is criminal and you are going to jail for it."

Hollenbeck is retired and lives in Arizona. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice and has completed two years of law school attending on nights and weekends.

Read Hollenbeck's blog here.

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