A Reader Says Al Queda Knows How To Utilize Iraqi Refugees
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From: Robin Corkery [email him]

I am the "Vdare.com reader" quoted by Juan Mann in his January 9 More On 'Operation Iraqi Asylum': Now They're Invading Us!, way down in the article, beginning "My hunch is".  Now, the Bush appointee Dewey is saying we have a "moral obligation" to accept Iraqi refugees, and no one in the prestige media will ask "How many Iraqis will be resettled in Crawford, Mr. Dewey?"

Sometime soon, a VDARE.COM writer should explore the consequences of letting in countless numbers of "refugees", of whom a significant minority will be Sunnis. They'll be dreaming of revenge against a country that stripped them of all position and privilege in their native land. 

Unfortunately for the Americans, al Qaeda, a Sunni organization, knows exactly how to utilize such agents.

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