A Reader Says Eric Peters Has "A True Vision" Of Immigrant-Driven Gridlock
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From: J. Paige Straley [Email him]

RE Eric Peters's Article Too Much Traffic—Too Many People?

Eric Peters is seeing the effects in urban areas, where immigrant-driven growth is concentrated.  It's a true vision.  Immigrants don't move to the countryside, they move to urban areas where they can grab hold of the economy, and they prefer to go where it's warm!  .  What this means is that growth in the country is far from even.  I would speculate that a doubling of the current population would mean quadrupling the population in the Southeast US.

Environmentally it is the death of the place.  Fishing?  Hah!  Wildlife?  What is that? Wilderness?  Foreign concept!  A park?  Just a place for a soccer field.  

Liberty?  When scads of people of different ethos are pushed into proximity, and every game is a zero-sum game, it's a very tough world.  It requires tough policing just to keep a lid on the place.  Eric Peters uses the phrase "self-policing".  Sorry, Eric, that only occurs in a uniform culture, where "pay it forward" really is a winning strategy.  Liberty?  Freedom?  They will merely be buzz words. 

Fifty years in the future there will be no winners from immigrant-driven growth.  But there are a few now.  Cui bono.

J. Paige Straley is the author of "Jack's Christmas" which you can buy here.

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