A Washington State Reader Comments On Reports That Senator Patty Murray Has Illegals Canvassing For Her
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From: A West Coast Reader [Email him]

In Washington State Senator Patty Murray has mojados stumping for her. The story has broken in the local papers.

Illegal immigrants canvassing across the state for Democrats, By Manuel Valdes, Seattle Times, October 22, 2010

She is in a neck-and-neck race, and this could lose it for her. There are over 600 comments on the story and over 90% of them are critical of illegal immigrants and of Murray.

Most stories draw 100 comments tops.

James Fulford writes: I blogged about this: Illegal Aliens Canvassing For Democrats In Washington–In Mexico, Even Legal Aliens Would Be Deported If They Tried This. But I didn't think about its effect on the local race.

When Brian Bilbray's opponent, Francine Busby, said to Hispanic supporters in 2006 that "You don't need papers for voting" to help her campaign, she lost the election.

Her defense was that she wasn't encouraging them to vote illegally—just do what these people in Washington State are doing. Bilbray pointed out at the time that that was bad enough.

It still is, as Murray may discover.

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