A Reader Is Censored, Not At NPR, But At The "New Media" New Ledger
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10/21/10 - A Reader Is Surprised At An Unusual Word

From: "Klejdys" [Follow him on Twitter]

Re: Peter Brimelow's blog item: Sieg Heil! To Christopher Badeaux' Book Burning

Just wanted to let you know that after Peter Brimelow's post on the Sobran RIP piece at the New Ledger Mr. Badeaux did exactly what you think he would do for disagreeing with him—he banned my account from commenting.

And here I thought that those on the right were more "tolerant of dissent". Even limited dissent, as I thought my comments were well within the bounds of good taste.

I guess Mr. Badeaux disagreed. Of course, he's never read VDARE.com, its contributors or what it stands for. (Those who use the argument that something is racist never want to have the discussion why it is racist, it just is. All sensible people agree!). For someone supposedly on the right to not be aware of the best available clearinghouse on the web for those who disagree on the federal government's and the intelligentsia's approach to immigration and just who has the right to be a citizen, that is shameful.

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