A Reader Says Communism Should Solve The "Problem" Of Venezuelan Beauty Queens
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Re: Allan Wall's blog post Alicia Machado Won’t Discuss Trump’s “Fat-Shaming” Any More–So Let’s Talk About The “White Privilege” Of Latin Beauty Queens

From: Scotty [Email him]

In response to Mr. Wall's blog post about the crazy, sick business of raising up crops of beauty queens for the Latin American pageants, I can't say that I'd want to know any more about it than what he wrote, although I can appreciate the finished "productos", like any red-blooded (or any other blood colored, to be inclusive) male—even certain females! (Cough, Hillary, cough, cough).

However, Presidential campaigns notwithstanding, this problem is ancient history. I believe the Venezuelans have done a pretty good job of eliminating all of the fat-shaming, gut-splicing, constructive-vomiting behavior on their own. What you do is  get the Communists up there in power for 15, say 20 good years. They will put the kibosh on any and all eating disorders rápidamente! Forward, Soviet!

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