A Reader Says Calais Camp Invaders Are Creating Their Own "Borders" Within The Camp
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From: Ryan Kennedy [Email him]

I was listening to the radio and they did a story about the migrant camp in Calais, a staging area for the 21st century invasion of Britain.

The report describes how different nationalities have established their own distinct areas within the camp. Eritreans have made "Little Asmara" Somalis "Little Mogadishu" etc.

I found this ironic. Here are these immigrants who are radically different in every way from the places they want to invade and thereby taint with their alien ways. Yet in their own ad hoc camps, they spontaneously set up boundaries. Of course, this is human nature. People naturally associate to those like themselves for a variety of reasons.

At the most basic level, they speak the same language and so can readily communicate. But there are many other reasons as well. People share the same norms and mores so people know how to navigate society without difficulties.

People in such groups form support networks where they help each other. These reasons are magnified in this ad hoc camp where different nationalities abrade each other—the law of the jungle is apt to prevail within such disorder.

The irony is here is that the nation-state itself is under assault by these various groups of people. Their mere presence undermines the social cohesion it took centuries to form. And their spontaneous nationalism demonstrates the value of the nation-state that immigration enthusiasts are eager to undermine and even obliterate.

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