A Reader Says That Amazon’s Amazing Success Has Nothing To Do With Diversity Worship
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From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

There is a wonderful article in the NYT today on how awful it is to work at Amazon as it becomes the largest retailer on the planet.[Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas In A Bruising Workplace, By Jodi Kantor And David Streitfeld, August 15, 2015]The best part about the lengthy article is not one word was mentioned in a NYT article about immigration, immigrants, diversity and multiculturalism in the importance of the success of amazon. I also read the 14 Principles that guide all the Amazon robot workers and none of them mentioned diversity, multiculturalism or embracing other groups or cultures. It was refreshing.

The article did not convince me Amazon was the terrible future, it made me think Amazon was stuck in the past of the 1960s and holding onto meritocracy. It’s relic of a time when we decided to go to the Moon and actually did it with teams of the best and brightest, not Affirmative Action hires and mediocre cheap immigrant labor to save a nickel.

The article did not mention how many minorities work at Amazon or even if Amazon has a Diversity department. Is such a thing even possible or lawful? How soon before Amazon needs to build drones to keep away La Raza and Al Sharpton and the $PLC? Don't they know that, as Obama said, they “did not build that? “


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