A Reader Responds To The Defense Of Mormon Immigration Enthusiasm
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Re: A Mormon VDARE.com Donor Responds To James Kirkpatrick

A Hungarian-American Reader [Email him]

I just read the above letter from a Mormon reader. I do not understand why evangelizing non-believers and immigration patriotism, let alone loyalty to one's own people, are at odds with any Christian beliefs, Mormon, Protestant or Roman Catholic? Where in any Christian Bible does it say a Christian must bring strangers into their villages and nations, including non-Christian strangers, and allow them to take over?

The letter writer included this quote: “teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.” [Matthew 28:19] Certainly that can be done by sending missionaries to the "heathen" nations and proselytizing them at home.

One can care for the poor and needy in their own communities and countries. Wouldn't it better to teach Guatemalans how to be self-supporting, literate and how to obtain clean water and avoid disease in Guatemala rather than bring them here and support them endlessly? By educating Guatemalans how to live a prosperous, healthy, family oriented life in Guatemala, then perhaps those lessons will rub off on their fellow countrymen. Bringing them here does not allow the natural dissemination of knowledge among their fellow countrymen. Isn't that what Mother Teresa tried to do, teach the poor how to live in their own communities?

Furthermore, how does it help the world-wide community to move some people from poor, disordered, uncivilized heathen nations to First World nations while leaving the others behind to wallow in their misery? If John and Jane Missionary can teach Jose and Maria in Guatemala then maybe Jose and Maria can teach Hector and Juanita and so on and make Guatemala a good place to live. The current pro-immigration meme simply ensures that the Third-World remains Third-World and the First-World becomes Third-World.

Sorry, but I do not believe Jesus Christ intended for my family, state and nation be destroyed in an attempt to save the souls of others. Today's Christian immigration enthusiasts will be very surprised when St. Peter shows them all the crimes they have committed against their own people without really helping the people they claim they are saving.

They will be shown that all they accomplished was the destruction of their own nations without making the people they "helped" become righteous believers in Christ, or even materially much better off. I hope these so-called Christians like the heat because they are going to spend a very long time "downstairs".

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