A Reader Reports That Americans On Probation Are Getting Jobs That Illegals Are Too Illegal To Do
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Re: James Fulford's blog item Illegals' Employers Say Rule Of Law Would Cause Problems For Wealthy Farmers

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Watch this CNN pro-illegal alien employer fluff piece   you'd think they were soliciting brain surgeons and not fruit pickers and they completely ignore the benefit to probationers.[ Immigration Law Endangers Harvest. July 3, 2011] [VDARE.com note: The state of Georgia, since it's enforcing immigration laws, has a "shortage" of illegal workers. They're encouraging American citizens who are on probation to get jobs in picking.]

I also have to question the integrity and human competence of the CNN reporter that was so amazed by the skills of the fruit pickers and their ability to pick ripe fruit.

I know a peach farmer from Tehachapi, I asked if he used illegals and he said "No, we use poor white trash, they're faster and cheaper." I can imagine millions of other farmers using poor Americans if they were forced to pick up the additional state costs of illegal immigration including public school cost, healthcare costs and welfare costs.

We need to cause problems for wealthy farmers that import alien Socialists.

See also previous letters from Steve Smith.

James Fulford writes: It's shocking to think of criminals getting jobs picking peaches—wait, the illegals picking them before were criminals. In fact, so were the farmers. Now it's all legal. Possibly Georgia's native criminal class can't pick as well as Mexican migrant labor, but they are Americans, and Georgia is responsible for them.

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