A Washington State Reader Pines For A Seattle Earthquake
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07/07/11 - A Reader Reports That Americans On Probation Are Getting Jobs That Illegals Are Too Illegal To Do

Re: Linda Thom's article Why Are 400,000 Illegal Aliens In Washington State Driving With Licenses?

From: Jeremy Dunn [Email him]

Linda Thom, in her article about Washington State giving driver's licenses to illegals, ends it with asking the question "Why?"

I can partially answer her. And the answer itself explains how immigration affects things. It might surprise Thom to find out that the majority of people in Washington State are not from Washington State! Washington received a massive migration of Californians escaping California like Mexicans are escaping Mexico.

 The phrase "being Californicated" was quite popular—until we lost. Along the way, the out-of-staters brought their heavily liberal ideologies and have created a controlling liberal government—from the governor on down—who of course believe in immigration even though they are creating the same mess that they ran here to leave. (Like Mexicans, sound familiar?)

Republican legislators have tried somewhat to control the immigrants but the Democrats keep knocking the legislation down.

Washington is really two states now. The SeaTac area is where the majority of liberals who run the state live. The whole rest of the state is where all the conservatives and most of the remaining real Washingtonians like me live.

The SeaTac area is overdue for a massive earthquake. Sometimes I pine for it to rid the state of the liberal infestation that is destroying all of the traditional Washington lifestyle that I yearn to go back to.

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