A Canadian Reader Weighs In On The Reagan Presidency
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July 06, 2011, 05:00 AM
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07/05/11 - A Reader Doesn`t Think Reagan Was Conservative—We Reply

Re: Today`s Letter A Reader Doesn`t Think Reagan Was Conservative—We Reply

From: A Canadian reader[Email him]

I disagree with your views on Reagan. He didn`t "win" the cold war for California or America. The Soviet Union lost by default. Indeed I would argue the USSR never recovered from the pummelling it took from the Axis in WW2 (27,000,000 dead vs. America`s 400,000). And America never got a peace dividend. It now has 700 bases all around the world - while its own border is defenceless and being invaded by people from all around the world. The 1986 amnesty was also a disaster, and a precedent setting one at that. 

James Fulford writes: I don`t want to have a lengthy debate about America`s 40th President, since is non-partisan, and has many Democratic readers and even writers. However, I would point out that before Reagan came along, the plan was for America to lose by default. That`s what the Carter Presidency was about.

The difference between Reagan and Obama is that you were always sure Reagan was on the American side.