A Canadian Reader Weighs In On The Reagan Presidency
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07/05/11 - A Reader Doesn't Think Reagan Was Conservative—We Reply

Re: Today's Letter A Reader Doesn't Think Reagan Was Conservative—We Reply

From: A Canadian reader[Email him]

I disagree with your views on Reagan. He didn't "win" the cold war for California or America. The Soviet Union lost by default. Indeed I would argue the USSR never recovered from the pummelling it took from the Axis in WW2 (27,000,000 dead vs. America's 400,000). And America never got a peace dividend. It now has 700 bases all around the world - while its own border is defenceless and being invaded by people from all around the world. The 1986 amnesty was also a disaster, and a precedent setting one at that. 

James Fulford writes: I don't want to have a lengthy debate about America's 40th President, since VDARE.com is non-partisan, and has many Democratic readers and even writers. However, I would point out that before Reagan came along, the plan was for America to lose by default. That's what the Carter Presidency was about.

The difference between Reagan and Obama is that you were always sure Reagan was on the American side.

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