A Reader Reports Reconquista Propaganda In The Vietnam-Era Navy
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Re: The Verdict’s In: Out-Of-Control Immigration Is Destroying American Citizenship by Thomas Martel.

From: Mitchell Day [Email him ]

I just finished reading The Verdict's In by Thomas Martel. When I clicked the link for "groveling to minorities" and skimmed the article about Communist indoctrination at the USDA it reminded me of an incident about 40 years ago that my father told me about.

abernathy_seabees_logo[1]He worked as a high tech electrician on weapons systems for the U.S. Navy. While they would travel all over the world to various navy bases their home station was the Port Hueneme SeaBee base. Well one day in '73 or '74 they were all called in to a large room to watch a movie. It was one long politically correct whine fest and my father (who was impatient with BS on the best of days) finally exploded in anger when a young "Chicano" activist in the movie started to yammer on about how America "stole" the Southwest from Mexico.

He jumped out of his seat and screamed "We didn't steal ANYTHING! We took it!". He then proceeded to yell his lungs out about the Bolshevik indoctrination they were being subjected to and how he wasn't going to sit there and listen to this treasonous nonsense.....or words to that effect.).

Well, the managers decided the jig was up and they turned on the lights and turned off the projector and sent everybody back to work. Needless to say they never tried that again! Just thought you might like to know that this indoctrination crap has been going on for a long time. Maybe if more government employees raised hell there would be less of it.

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