A Reader Reports NATIONAL REVIEW Says "Conservatives" Must Support French Globalist Macron
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Hard to believe, but the National Review "Editors" (Rich Lowry and donors) have endorsed Emmanuel Macron for president of France.  [France's Tragedy, by The Editors, April 25, 2017] Their British neo-con Tom Rogan says that conservatives should support Macron because he is more pro-military, and Marine Le Pen is too mean to the African and Middle-Eastern invaders.  John Fund describes by surrogate (“For many Fillon supporters”) Marine Le Pen’s call for a total ban on immigration as “unrealistic”.  The prevailing thought in these NRO articles is that the failure to assimilate these immigrants is France’s fault, and not due to any inherent attributes of the immigrants themselves.

Although Marine Le Pen can hardly be classified as an economic conservative, one has to consider that this is still France and the electorate will only go so far to the economic right.  And Macron was a former member of the Socialist Party; he also held a senior position in President François Hollande’s administration.

But the crucial conservative issue in this election is not economic but France’s national identity itself, which if not sustained makes any other aspect of this election ultimately irrelevant.  Whatever economic policies are changed (usually less than promised) by the candidates can be changed again later on.  However, the change in France’s demographics if immigration is continued is irreversible, and given the fecundity of these immigrants will also be expansive.

Macron has made statements that continued Third-World immigration to France is inevitable and that there is no such thing as French culture!  Marine Le Pen represents the true nature of conservatism, that of preserving and sustaining the indigenous, European French people, their culture, history, and nation.

These fundamental aspects of conservatism now disdained by National Review in its fealty towards globalism will leave nations such as France as decimated shells overflowing with human rabble.  They should be ashamed.

We are witnessing the destruction of France if Macron is elected.  NRO’s cowardly positioning on this election makes me ill.

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