A South Park Republican Pooh-Poohs VDARE.com
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Is "Gangs" Crypto-Nativist?

From:  Taylor Yu

Subject: War Against Christmas Competition 2002 [IV]: South Park Offensive [VDARE.COM warning: This is pretty revolting.]

I find your site to be nothing but racist tripe, and I am no liberal Democrat but a conservative Republican. Some of the authors of the venom on this site have gotten my email when something published upset me particularly. Well the time has come once again. Your views on South Park surprised and appalled me, even for hate mongers like you people. I would like to point out the most recent episode of South Park and its defense of Christmas and the Christianity inherent. In it Santa's sleigh was shot down by Iraqis. So the kids and Jesus start a rescue operation to rescue Santa. In this operation Jesus is killed. The episode ends with Santa proclaiming that Jesus died to save him and then stating that Christmas should be about Jesus. And yes  South Park makes fun of Christianity, it also makes fun of Africans, Democrats, Republicans, Muslims, Chinese, Jews, Cults, New Agers, French, Rednecks, British, Mexicans, Arabs, Canadians and well, almost nothing is not satirized by Matt and Trey, they are very politically incorrect people who like to make fun of and offend people. Perhaps you guys at Vdare do not understand this since they are not doing this hatefully. Well please stick to demonizing the people you normally do because well Vdare should do what it is most familiar with. Just keep on ranting about immigrants, ethnic minorities and "neo-conservatives" and leave Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny alone. In fact, if you would just watch it, many of you guys may even enjoy the show. However I must warn you that South Park does have its religious and racial minorities (although very few). There's Kyle Broslovski (who is Jewish), Kevin (the Chinese kid), Token (the Black kid), Chef (black cook at school cafeteria), a Chinese restaurant owner who was in a few episodes, and Mr. Garrison (a gay school teacher). Maybe you guys can switch the channel when they come on. So yeah three cheers for South Park.

Taylor Yu

Proud to be a South Park Republican

VDARE.COM replies: We still doubt that any of us would enjoy viewing "The Christmas Poo."

January 07, 2003

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