A Reader Reports Hispanic Corruption (Allegedly, For Legal Reasons) Involving Conquistador-American Politicians
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Re: James Fulford’s 2013 article Menendez, Melgen, And Immigration—Dr. Melgen Is An Immigrant Himself

From: The Ghost of Henry Cabot Lodge [Email him]

A recent item of interest indicates the growing corruption in our "legal immigration system". The Isaias family of Ecuador pulled up stakes after it was revealed their banking operation was a house of money laundering. Various members of this family now reside in Miami, and have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to mostly (but not all) Democratic politicians, including the unscrupulous Bob Menendez of New Jersey.

Where this differs from previous cases is that the State Department, even under Hillary Clinton, resisted in allowing Estefanía Isaias, back into this country. The cause, quoted in the New York Times of all places was:

 she brought maids into the country under false visa pretenses and left them at her parents’ Miami home while she traveled.

“Alien smuggling” is what American consular officials in Ecuador called it.

[Ecuador Family Wins Favors After Donations to Democrats, By Frances Robles December 16, 2014]


What happened next remains the subject of intrigue and federal investigation, but the appearance of quid pro quo is obvious. Sadly, I doubt the voters of New Jersey will care enough to elect a patriotic Senator like Steve Lonegan.

(Not to solely blame the Democrats, this crime family has also supplied fodder for Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.)

Sometimes the sharks of Slim, Gates, Buffett and Adelson aren't the only danger in the water. A swarm of conquistador piranha can be just as deadly.

See a previous letter from the same reader. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge was a 19th and early 20th century immigration restrictionist and patriot. Can you prove the reader isn’t his ghost?




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