A Reader Reports An Attack On Us In THE FEDERALIST
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From: A VDARE.com Fan [Email him]

Not sure if it is even worth commenting on, since I consider The Federalist a click bait site, but Cathy Young's column today has numerous inaccuracies, including some regarding VDARE.com.

VDARE, which calls itself a “news outlet for patriotic immigration reform,” is somewhat less in-your-face about its racism; but the site’s gleeful chronicling of black, Hispanic, and Muslim criminality leaves little doubt that its authors are not simply interested in objective analysis of crime demographics. While mainstream media and liberal punditry can be overly skittish if not denialist on the subject, VDARE’s racialism not only reeks of hostility and contempt toward the presumed losers in the “biodiversity” lottery but veers into outright paranoia about cover-ups of crime’s racial angle.

Thus, a post on a Bangladeshi-born and probably Muslim Canadian gynecologist accused of sexually assaulting patients speculates that his name, Mohammed Haque, was deliberately omitted from the headlines on news stories about his arrest. (Actually, nearly all recent stories about sexual assault charges against doctors named David Newman and Ian Hardy also left the suspects’ names out of the headlines.)

Another item, on a Texas couple’s arrest for enslaving and abusing their Nigerian nanny, cavils that the Associated Press report waits too long to reveal the suspects’ own Nigerian background, allowing inattentive readers to assume they were racist rednecks—even though the second paragraph mentioned the couple’s distinctly non-redneck names, Chudy and Sandra Nsobundu.

You Can’t Whitewash The Alt-Right’s Bigotry, April 14, 2016

I especially enjoyed her line near the end, "We need to start reclaiming the principles of common humanity, freedom, and universal values, not put a positive spin on a different brand of divisive identitarianism."  I wonder what universal values she thinks we share with the Muslim world.

I enjoy reading VDARE.com and visit the website almost daily.  Keep up the good work.

James Fulford writes: After years of "gleeful" coverage not only of "black, Hispanic, and Muslim criminality", but of the MSM tradition of covering it up and "burying the lede", I know more about this than Ms. Young does. For example, the Nsobundus may had their name spelled right in paragraph 2 of one story, but a search for Nsobundu finds headlines like this:

All of these tell the reader that the victim is Nigerian, none say that the accused is. If the media didn’t have a deliberate policy of covering up crimes by foreigners, these headlines could just as easily be reversed. “Nigerian couple accused of enslaving Houston-area woman for 2 years pleads not guilty.”

That headline might give readers the idea that Nigerians were enslaving an American woman, these headlines give the impression that Americans are enslaving a Nigerian.  One headline is different: Nigerian US couple in nanny slavery crime gets bail, The News, February 9, 2016. Is that the result of “gleeful” racism? No, it’s from thenewsnigeria.com.ng and it’s published in Lagos. By the same token, the Indian press is willing to say when Indian immigrants commit slavery in America, while the American press calls them a Long Island couple.

As for Mohammed Haque, headline after headline said he was a “Saskatoon” doctor, not a “Bangladesh” doctor, and when guy named Mohammed does something, his name is part of the news.

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