A Berkeley Alumna Reports Her Alma Mater Fundraising On A "Great Replacement" Vision Of Berkeley That Includes NO WHITE MALES
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A Berkeley Reader [Email her]

I just received a solicitation from the Graduate Division of the University of California, Berkeley for their "Big Give" Fundraising Appeal."

To judge from this photo, 60% of the graduate students there are black (mainly full-blooded Africans), 20% are probably Hispanic (see the woman at the right) and only 20% are white.

Only one in the five is a male, and that one a non-white. This is supposed to encourage giving by the school's alumni.

And what is that "Graduate Diversity Program" mentioned at the end?

The Graduate Diversity Program dollar for dollar challenge is more than ½ way there with $3,090 of $5,000

James Fulford writes: I looked at the Graduate Diversity program and it's awful if you know what the words mean:

The Dean’s Graduate Diversity Program Fund was established to support anti-racist and climate-related programs and initiatives across campus initiated by graduate students.

Examples of projects related to diversity and inclusion goals that the Graduate Diversity Innovation Fund will support include but are not limited to:

  • Hosting speakers, symposia, and conferences
  • Developing and providing workshops on best practices and culturally relevant pedagogies
  • Showcasing diversity and inclusion work
  • Improving policies and procedures within departments

The improving "policies and procedures" bit, for example, means hiring and firing. Guess who gets fired? The speakers, symposia, and conferences will feature Ibram Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones. Reminder that when Berkeley hosted a pro-Trump "Free Speech" rally in 2017, they allowed an Antifa riot and 20 people were injured.


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