A Reader Reminds Us Of "Alternative for Sweden"—An Even More Dissident Party Than The Sweden Democrats
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Re: Sweden's Election: "The Conflict Is Between Those Who Want To Destroy Our Country And Those Who Are Trying To Save It." Mid-Term Slogan For Trump?

From: An Old School Country Fan Living In Sweden [Email him]

I skimmed through Harri Honkanen's article about the Swedish elections, where he wrote that the Sweden Democrats may get as much as 20% of the vote. This, I believe, is a very conservative estimate—anything below 23% would come as a surprise to me. There is another interesting development here in Sweden—a new party, "Alternativ för Sverige" (Alternative for Sweden), is very active right now. They have some serious talent, are very adept at using social media, and there is quite a lot of buzz amongst the Swedish Dissident Right about their ability to get over the 4% threshold (I don't think it's impossible). 2.5% would be enough to give them public subsidies, and if they get that, I believe they will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. You can have a look at their rally in Gothenburg here (party leader Gustav Kasselstrand starts to speak after about five minutes.)

In fact, the only scenario where I think the  Sweden Democrats might get closer to 20% than 25%  is if they start to bleed voters to AfS in big numbers.

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