A Reader Wonders Why MSM Fuss About Kudlow and Beattie's Associations, When Hillary's Husband Is On Stage With Al Sharpton And Louis Farrakhan
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Re: The Brimelow-Cotto Interview: Kudlow, The Reign Of Terror, And Social Media Censorship

From: A Reader Who's Been Fired For Wrongthink Himself [Email him]

Above is a  photo from the Aretha Franklin funeral service yesterday. Black Muslim head Louis Farrakhan is in a prominent spot.Note the contrast between this and  the Kudlow/Brimelow story.  The MSM, rather than make so much as  peep about Clinton and everyone else at an event with Farrakhan, is actually covering it up, according to  Instapundit:

JUST THINK OF THE MEDIA AS DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVES WITH PHOTOSHOP, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: Poof He’s Gone! MSNBC and ABC crop out Louis Farrakhan from Aretha Franklin funeral photo.

Relax though — Chuck Todd and George Stephanopoulos assure me that there’s no bias at either of their networks.

Flashbacks: Establishment Media Bury Obama-Farrakhan Photo, memory hole Nation of Islam activists on Obama camp payroll.

Also on stage with Bill Clinton--riot promoter Al Sharpton. See 30th Anniversary of Tawana Brawley Opening the Modern Era of Hate Hoaxes, 
and from 2012: Brimelow At CPAC: Al SHARPTON Is Complaining About "Hate"?
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