A Reader Refutes Romney's Anti-Trump Diatribe
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Re: Matthew Richer's blog item With His Latest Anti-Trump Tirade, Romney Is Betraying The Republican Base AGAIN

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

There’s an incredible amount of nonsense in Romney's attack speech. [Transcript.]For example, a local Republican talk show host is repeating Romney's nonsense about tariffs causing a depression. As I recall, even Milton Friedman, who advocated free trade like a religion, didn't believe the Great Depression was caused by the tariff. See Protectionism Didn't Cause the Great Depression By Ian Fletcher, American Thinker, April 9, 2010.

On the contrary, it was tariffs—imposed through the wisdom of Alexander Hamilton—which allowed the US to progress from a poor colony dependent on foreign imports to the world's largest manufacturing economy—a fact that enabled American victory in WWII. And it is protectionism which has enabled the Asian tigers to eat our lunch in trade.

It has always struck me as ridiculous that we are told to fear retaliating against China because it would cause a trade war—it is like a man getting beaten to death keeping his hands in his pockets for fear of angering his assailant. What we are experiencing is already a trade war and we are losing badly. As Trump said, the current record trade deficits are unsustainable.

The massive deficits are not only paying for China's huge military build-up, but also allowing them to buy things like our largest pork producer, the Chicago Stock Exchange, and now a major movie theater chain. Ownership brings not only control, but profits going overseas along with technology. We are going to be a third world nation owned by absentee landlords.

Strangely, it was Romney in a 2011 campaign speech in Washington State who warned listeners that China was demanding technology transfer as a condition of buying Boeing airliners and China intended to use the technology given to them (and stolen) to compete with Boeing. But now Romney professes fear of Trump's willingness to fight back—Romney want us to continue to bend over.

Then there is this bit of Romney stupidity:

The second reason is because we’re blessed with a great people — people who at every critical moment of choosing have put the interests of the country above   their own."

Romney doesn't like Trump's immigration and "scapegoating" policy, but which of the immigrants pouring in meet Romney's criteria? Certainly not the Mexicans who wave Mexican flags, boast of the Reconquista, and throw trash at American sports teams—they clearly don't have American interests at heart. What about the Muslims—a large percentage of whom support Sharia.

And certainly not many of the Chinese and Indians I have met who bad-mouth the US in favor of their own countries and who have come only to make money. And if any of these immigrants vote, over 70% vote for socialist big government and not in favor of the freedom which has always been a big reason to want to be American.

Hypocritically, after calling Trump a "fraud", "fake", "phoney" and other insults, he has the nerve to say:

"Will he talk about our policy differences or will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult?"

Is Romney really this stupid—or does he just think we are? After an unprecedented attack on his own party's front runner with a slew of insults, he accuses Trump in advance of insulting him back.

Well, Romney is a liar and a traitor. After talking about "self deportation" in the primary, he betrayed the American people by promising "immigration reform''—always code words for amnesty—within a year of his election.

Phyllis Schlafly is right to say that we may not be able to return from another 4 or 8 years of being sold out by Establishment politicians of both parties. We may not know for sure what Trump will do if elected, but unfortunately we do know what the others will do. And people nervous about choosing Trump should take heart in the endorsement of a great American beyond reproach—Jeff Sessions.

If Trump doesn't make it, "Whence comes such another?" For to make a candidate like Trump, a person must not only have the patriotic beliefs—but also the fortune to ignore the big donors.

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