A Reader Refuses To Believe That "Fake News" Is Really Faker Than The MSM
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's article The Long Election, Stage Two: Left Fights To Recapture Narrative—With Help From NATIONAL REVIEW

From: A Fake News Skeptic [Email him]

The big picture is the MSM is lying and they themselves "fake the news" (polls, crime stats, identity of criminals).

Now the libs have started attacking "fake-news" sites.

It is a brilliant move on the left's part to deflect the most powerful attack they face.

I don't know how to counter-attack. Attack? Defend? Ridicule? Amplify? Troll? Ignore?

I will say Jared Taylor did a great job at the NPI News Conference when he counter-attacked the press. They were mobbing on the racists issue. Jared's counter-attack was perfectly timed and delivered, and stopped the attack in its tracks.

We shouldn't let them worm out with this "fake news" ploy.

I don't know the answer.

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