A Reader Suggests Leftists May Have Cause To Regret Provoking Trump—If He Gets Mad, He's In A Position To Get Even
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Re: John Derbyshire's article Dawn of the Trumpening: Jeff Sessions For Attorney General, Steve Bannon For Pope!

From: "T R" [Email him]

It's interesting to me that the ongoing hate stream against Trump hasn't abated since the election; in fact, it's gotten worse. I have to wonder if this is really a smart idea on the part of the Left. Those who know anything about Trump know and agree that he's probably one of the least racist, or racially motivated, men to have the Presidency in recent memory. However, we also know that Trump does sometimes hold grudges and finds ways to get even with his enemies.

Thus far, President-Elect Trump has done a great job in nearly every move and public statement of being a unifier while sticking to his campaign principles. But what if he gets tired of the continual assaults? Is Trump more likely to be cowed by the constant attacks, or is he more likely to fight back?

Trump has not said or done one thing aimed at causing any harm to the African-American community....yet they keep attacking him verbally and his supporters physically. What if a President Trump were to decide to disband the EEOC and the Civil Rights Department of the DOJ, thus cutting off the 'discrimination' industry? And what if President Trump were to take actions to end or curtail Affirmative Action and all hiring preferences? Can you imagine the damage done to African-American communities if hiring were to go back to strictly merit-based? Can you imagine all of the 'diversity manager' jobs that would simply be gone?

trumpw_lgbtTrump has not done one thing in his career damaging to gays—in fact he has proudly held up rainbow flags—but what if the constant attacks anger him enough to pick a Supreme Court justice who would definitely end the farce of gay marriage? And of course the aforementioned devastation of the discrimination industry would affect them too.

Trump has said that Planned Parenthood does good things—yet the head of PP viciously attacked him at the DNC and continues to do so. A President Trump in concert with a Republican Congress could easily strip them of hundreds of millions of dollars of funding.

A President Trump could also end Federal employment unions by reversing JFK's Executive Order.

A President Trump could, in short, take numerous actions that would be devastating to his enemies. While the Left would be angry (as they are already), there's little they could do about it and many of the above moves would also cut off large sources of their funding. At this point, he's shown little to no inclination to do so—but what if the Left keeps poking the bear?


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