A Reader "Recounts" Tales Of Voter Fraud—And More To Come, If Amnesty Happens
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Re: James Fulford's blog on Voter Fraud In Alabama

Mike Scruggs [email him] writes from Hendersonville, NC

Since having served as a Republican County Chairman in Alabama (Cullman County) in 1977-9, I have often told Republicans that they must get 53 percent of the votes to win, because the Democrats will steal 3 percent from you. Of course, Perry County has always been reputed to be much worse. It also used to be the last county in the state to report—and may still be. Jim Martin, a former Congressman, probably lost his bid for the U.S. Senate in 1978 due to the 6,000 last minute flood of votes from Perry County.

I based my three percent, however, on nearly all white Cullman County. Those were the days of copying results from the last reading in early lever operated voting machines.

On the night of the election, based on precinct (beat box) results coming in, the media reported that Martin had lost Cullman County, coming in with 48.5% of the vote.

Careful scrutiny of the reported results, however, showed many numerical  transpositions in precinct totals, the errors mostly favoring the Democrats. For example: a box might report 115 votes for Martin, when the real total was 151. The actual vote, not counting other shenanigans, showed that Martin had carried the county with 51.5% of the vote. Hence I have always said that the Democrats will steal at least 3 percent from you.  That is why ballot security and proper voter registration are so important.

Up until a few weeks before the election, even the Sheriff's Department patrol cars had "Vote Democrat" stickers on their rear bumpers. This was too much even for the local version of the New York Times. They published my embarrassing photographs of several Sheriff's Department patrol cars.

With amnesty and a huge guest-worker program any semblance of free and honest elections will be gone.

James Fulford writes: Of course, VDARE.com is neutral on party political matters, but please note that Mike Scruggs is not the only person to say this about Democratic Party. Republican loyalist Hugh Hewitt wrote a whole book called If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat, and if  Republicans are interested in garnering larger majorities, they should consider taking patriotic immigration reform seriously.

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