A Reader Comments On DOL Crackdown On Immigration Law Firms
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Re: Norm Matloff–The DOL Starts To Enforce The Law, But It's All For Show

A Reader Writes:

It seems very coincidental that Austin Fragomen [of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, now being audited by the Department of Labor] was taking the position as far back as 1999 [Testimony of Austin T. Fragomen, Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims U.S. House of Representatives August 5, 1999] that less scrutiny was required in the matters of these visa applicants and corporate hiring practices. 

It seems Fragomen [send him mail] was not just looking for loopholes, but had the stated intent to push legislators and Federal regulators to look the other way on these matters.  It would be interesting to see how many of Fragomen's approved candidates ended up working in U.S. companies involved in leading edge technology, financial, or manufacturing firms that have (or had)  a competitive advantage over similar companies in India, China, and France.

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