A California Reader Calls Sierra Club, Gets La Raza Answer
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From: Cristina Smith (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Sierra Club Sellout Worse Than Ever

I called the Sierra Club to talk to someone about what effect on wildlife the fence along the Mexico-U.S. border might have.

The Sierra Club representative claimed that putting up a fence would force migrants to change their routes, endangering even more sensitive areas. 

In sanctimonious, condescending tones, I was told about the terrible poverty that causes migrants to risk their lives to come to the U.S. and the problems with the (human trafficking) coyotes.

Accordingly, the Sierra Club said, we need to open the borders. In general, America must do more for Mexico.

The Sierra Club is hypocritical.  We know the club has been slacking on environmental issues. 

I asked why the Sierra Club did not try to pick up trash along the border that was left by migrants.  The person corrected me repeatedly saying that people going both ways leave the "detritus" and that collecting trash is not within the Sierra Club's policy. 

When I mentioned immigration driven overpopulation in the United States, the person refused to answer.

The Sierra Club spokesman portrayed himself as a supreme authority and the final word on Mexican issues and the environment. His job, as he seemed to see it, is to inform and propagandize any of us suffering from a terminal case of liberal guilt.

The original purpose of my call—to comment about disappearing antelope, jaguars, got lost in the La Raza lecture. 

Keeping the borders open for illegal immigration, disguised as concern for the environment, is the club's new mission.

The Sierra Club's façade of environmental concern will keep the donations from the hated but generous and gullible white people coming and allow the organization to fight for open borders.

Smith is a former hospital employee who writes that she has worked for years with immigrant patients from all backgrounds and walks of life who get free medical care on various welfare and Medi-Cal programs. Her previous letter about how illegal aliens become voters is here.

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