A Reader Questions The Value Of Minimum Wage Laws In Combating Illegal Immigration
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James Fulford’s blog item Ann Coulter On The Minimum Wage | VDARE.com

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

James Fulford says that “Ron Unz wants an enforced minimum wage to reduce illegal immigration” and ”Ann Coulter wants an enforced border to raise wages for Americans” and they’re both right.

Minimum wage laws, tax laws, labor laws—which of these apply to illegal aliens?  Anything that makes Americans more expensive to employ —such as a higher minimum wage—stimulates demand for illegal-alien labor.  Ann Coulter is right and Ron Unz is wrong.

James Fulford writes: The key word in both cases is “enforced.”

It’s true that illegals are frequently working under the table, and avoid a lot of laws,  but I can tell you that open borders fanatic Alex Nowrasteh [Twitter] is worried enough about Unz’s proposal to be afraid of it, and attack it viciously, saying “Unz’s motives are despicable compared to those of his liberal opponents because he is right about his proposal’s economic impact.”[Minimum Wage: Ron Unz’s Proposal Aims to Stop Illegal Immigration, San Jose Mercury News on January 24, 2014]



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