A Reader Has A Note On YouTube.com Videos
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 From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

 Your readers may be unaware, but recently YouTube made a change allowing commenters on videos to respond by including an active and direct URL link in their comments. If someone has posted a video on immigration, a viewer can now respond not just with a comment, but a link to an appropriate article on VDARE.com.

It would be useful if there was an itemized list of VDARE.com articles with links so a person could easily find appropriate responses  to videos on YouTube and articles in general.

See Delmar Jackson's previous letters.

James Fulford writes: We encourage our readers to make whatever use they can of our articles on social media. I don’t think it’s necessary to provide a list of specific articles.  (Use the search box to find articles on specific subjects.) Remember when you’re using us on social media, that you’ll be safer if you’re anonymous. One teacher in Arizona forwarded a bunch of VDARE.com links through email in 2003, and was sued by MALDEF in a case which wasn’t settled (in his favor) until 2010.

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