A Massachusetts Reader On A 1940s Movie About White Indentured Servants
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RE: James Fulford's blog post: White Slavery, Hollywood, And CAPTAIN BLOOD

From: A Massachusetts Reader [Email him]

James Fulford wrote

[Captain Blood] is the one exception I personally can think of to [Jim] Goad's point that Hollywood has ignored the fact that forced labor in North America and the Colonies had a white component—and it's almost eighty years old.

Here's another example:Unconquered (1947) Gary Cooper falls for Abby (Paulette Goddard) who was given the choice of the gallows or slavery in America.

writes: Looking at the trailer, we see not only the vanished world of the 1760s, but of the 1940s.

Set in Fort Pitt, it starts off with a shot of modern-day Pittsburgh, and explains that this only happened when white men settled the place by fighting the red men, and implies that that was a good thing.

Almost 70 year later, Pittsburgh is still in pretty good shape. If they'd made a movie about Fort Detroit, that would have been sad.

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