A Reader Points To A "Window Of Opportunity" For The California GOP
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From: SoCalPatriot [Email him]

Since demography as destiny is a recurring theme on VDARE.com , I believe VDARE.com writers and readers alike will find the following study by the California Civic Engagement Project at UC Davis' Center for Regional Change, to be compelling reading: "Is Demography Political Destiny? Population Change and California's Future Electorate" . [PDF] This site also has related info: California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP)

This article nicely summarizes the study: Calif. Latinos' electoral clout continues to lag  by Martin Wisckol, Orange County Register, January 18,2014.

As you can see, this study proves that there is still quite a large window of opportunity for the GOP (and, more importantly, America) to score significant political victories here in CA.

If only the GOP would learn the valuable lessons this study offers, and actively work for what is in the best interests of its (white, working and middle class) base, instead of constantly agitating against them.

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