A Florida Reader Reports On Obama’s Administrative Prison Break−THOUSANDS Of Deportable Felons Set Free
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Re: Federale’s article Impeach (Among MANY Others) ICE’s Kevin Abar!

From: A Florida Reader [Email him]

The Washington Times is reporting that last year's prisoner release by ICE included thousands, despite the headline saying "hundreds", of illegal aliens convicted of serious violent crimes. ICE released actually "hundreds" of illegal alien convicts per day including over 15,000 with drunk driving convictions, 43 convicted of negligent manslaughter, 14 convicted of voluntary manslaughter and at least one convicted of a crime classified as "homicide - willful kill - public official - gun". [Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts, By Stephen Dinan, May 12, 2014]

The 36,007 criminally convicted illegal aliens released into the American public by ICE officials have more than 87,000 convictions among them including 2,691 assault convictions, 1,724 weapons convictions, 303 convictions for "fight escape", 647 convictions for traffic hit and run, 426 convictions for sexual assault, 727 for other sex crime convictions and 228 kidnapping convictions.

This comes as no surprise to high-information immigration patriots, especially VDARE.com readers, but this is extremely infuriating, especially when the "loyal opposition" to the lawless and impeachment worthy "minority occupation government" happens to be the stupid and spineless GOP.

Not only are these ICE officials not enforcing immigration laws and usurping the US Constitution, they are doing the very opposite of law enforcement by endangering the American public. These officious thugs, including the ones running ICE, are overripe for impeachment.

Does the GOP have the pluck to impeach the DHS and ICE officials who have abrogated their duty to enforce our immigration laws and Constitution? Based on their willingness and capacity to pander for votes and Treason Lobby campaign funds, I highly doubt it.

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