A Reader Asks About An Old Sam Francis Column, Possibly Not For The First Time
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Sam Francis Columns From TownHall, 2000–Still Relevant

From: Hank Batts [ email him]

Regarding old Sam Francis columns, if you could provide a link to Sam's Chronicles article entitled "Synthesizing Tyranny" [April 2005] that would be golden. It's one of Sam's best.

James Fulford writes: I wrote back saying

Here are two links to the column you're asking about—excerpt on our website, full article online at a site called the Phora.

A Reader Asks Us For More Sam Francis

Synthesizing Tyranny, by Samuel Francis

If we run your letter in our letter column should it be anonymous, and by any chance are you the same guy who wrote the previous letter?
Hank wrote back to say
Thank you for that link! Yes, that was probably me. My memory of it is vague but it rings a bell. Please feel free to publish my missive and it need not be anonymous. Thanks again. You guys are the best!
I don’t know if we’re actually the best, but we strive to keep all our content online forever. Other sites don’t, so I spend a lot of my time searching for versions we can link to.



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