A Reader Points Out WHY America Tolerates So Much Immigrant Crime—The Media Cone Of Silence
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Re: Thomas Meehan’s article Why Does America Tolerate Indian Immigrant Medical Fraud?

 From John Miano [Email him]

Thomas Meehan provides yet another example of how political correctness now dominates how the drive-by media reports the news.

I’ll point out a couple of other examples that show how political correctness trumps reporting the news.

The first of these is the murder of Kris Eggle in 2002. Eggle was a U.S park ranger stationed near the Arizona border. He had been directed to intercept a Mexican drug cartel hit squad that had fled into the United States after carrying out murders. Eggle was ambushed and murdered with an AK-47.

This reality of assault weapon toting, organized crime members crossing the border conflicts with the fable the drive-by media portrays. That is, everyone crossing the border is a good person, simply trying to make a better life for themselves in America.

The drive-by media responded to the dissonance of the Eggle murder by simply ignoring it. The only major drive-by to mention Eggle’s murder was the Los Angeles Times and it omitted all the details.

Another example of over-the-top political correctness is the story of Lakireddy Bali Reddy. You may remember that he was the largest owner of rental property in Berkeley, California.

In 1999, girls living in one of his apartments suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from a defective heater. One of the girls died as a result. [Poisoning Death Prompts Search For Faulty Heaters, AP, Lodi News-Sentinel, November 26, 1999]

The San Francisco area media saturation covered this story. In the coverage, readers found out that:

  • The parents were thinking of sending their girls to school.
  • The father was an H-1B programmer but he was working in Reddy's restaurant.
  • The daughters did not live with the parents.

The collective drive-by stories are humorous for their politically correct accounts of the American dream gone wrong.

While the drive-by media was doing its political correct coverage, the local high school newspaper (The Berkeley High Jacket) looked into the obvious inconsistencies of what was being reported and found the actual story:

  1. The girls were sex slaves Reddy had bought in India.
  2. The parents were a brother and sister pair Reddy had hired to pose as a family to import the slaves.
  3. The girl who died was pregnant.

Nothing the media had printed on the story was correct; not even the girl's names. [Berkeley High Journalists In Headlines Across Bay Area, Lodi News-Sentinel, January 22, 2000]

Reddy played the drive-bys like fools.

They were so busy being politically correct that they missed the big story sitting under their nose.

We can't be judgmental.

Only after he was found to be a slave trader, would the media print accounts of how Reddy used Third World oppression on Indian immigrants. [His Own Private Berkeley, By Anita Chabria, LA Times Magazine, November 25, 2001|

These stories illustrate the importance of alternate news sources, like VDARE.com. VDARE.com readers were informed about Kris Eggle’s murder; New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times readers were not.

John Miano was a computer programmer for 18 years before going to law school. He is the founder  of the Programmers Guild,  a professional organization for computer programmers.

James Fulford adds: The Lakireddy Bali Reddy case was before  I started working for VDARE.com, but whenever we've seen similar behavior—and there's a lot of it—reported in the press, it's always the victims who are called "immigrants" and the slaveholders who are called something like "Long Island couple." See here and here.


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