A Reader Reports That "Minors" Who Say They're Escaping Gangs Were Transported By Those Exact Same Gangs
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From: Jeff Stewart  [Email him ]

Interesting contradiction pointed out here by Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) following a recent trip to the border. From his newsletter out today:

The drug cartels are largely responsible for the transport of people to and across our border illegally. A Border Patrolman told me that most people say, “We are fleeing violent gangs.” However, when he challenges them as a Hispanic in forceful Spanish, “You and I both know the gangs were paid to bring you here; you’re not escaping gangs,” they say, ‘You’re right, but we were told to say that.” [GOHMERT: Until We Stop The Flood, We Will Never Overcome This Border Crisis ]
This is an excellent point which I've yet to see commented on. If the minors are leaving "because of the gangs" then why are they using the same gangs to bring them over the border?If they're that stupid then we really shouldn’t be taking them in. The Chinese and Koreans are already killing us in global math exams as it is....

See a previous letter from the same reader.

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