A Retired Teacher Reports On LAUSD's Policy Of No Longer Suspending Students For "Defiance"
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog item Obama Rhetoric v. Obama Policy On “Acting White”

From: An Anonymous Retired Los Angeles Teacher [Email Him]

Steve Sailer mentions LAUSD Superintendent John E. Deasy's action of eliminating "defiance" as an offense warranting suspension.

Even though I am retired, I have heard stories of about classroom anarchy and chaos resulting from no effective discipline for defiance.

One former colleague handed out the final for his class in June. He was met with a chorus of derision, "We won't do your f...king final!" His only recourse was to sit there and look at the defiant mob for two hours until the bell rang.

A similar policy was made by San Francisco School District officials and is spreading across America. Not removing and not disciplining defiant students results in classroom chaos, which often deprives the majority of students of their right to a meaningful education.

See a previous letter from the same reader.

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