A Reader Points Out That, In Addition To The "Tired, Poor, And Dispossessed", They're Now Sending Us The "Elderly And Unhealthy"—Immigrants Who Come Here And Retire On SSI
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05/15/11 - A Reader Reflects On Struggle Against Maryland's DREAM Act

Re: Washington Watcher's article Good News—Legal Immigration Down in 2010. Bad News—It's Still More Than A Million.

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I read Washington Watcher's interesting article regarding legal immigration increasing. I was aware of most of the information you provided in your article.

I thought I bring to your attention all the legal immigrants coming here who are 62 or older. They apply for Social Security pension benefits when they arrive here. They never contributed one dime to the Social Security Trust Fund and yet as a group they are collecting more than 20 billion dollars a year in benefits.

How did this happen? The two people responsible were Presidents Carter and Clinton. Many people do not realize that. This group is only going to grow and be a burden on the Social Security Trust Fund in years to come. You won't find a single politician talk about this drain on Social Security. This is one area where changes could be made to reduce spending.

James Fulford writes: The Social Security Administration claims that immigrants aren't getting regular social security unless they contributed to it. However, we do know that there are many case s of immigrants getting SSI for feigned disabilities. See A Census Bureau Employee Adds SSI To SS, An Indian-American Reader Says SSI Treats Legal Immigrants Worse Than Illegals, and A New York Reader Reveals a Creative Twist On A Little Known Scam.

See also  The U.S. - A Retirement Home for Immigrants , by Robert Rector, Social Contract Press, Summer 1996.

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