A Reader Says The Problem Is Not "White Identity", But Multiple Identities
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Re: Steve Sailer's article Jared Taylor's White Identity: What's In It For Jews?

From "Steve Polychronopoulos" [Email him]

Jared Taylor misses the mark—the question isn't really "white identity", but the variety of white identities and how they interrelate.

Albion's Seed is the one mainstream history book that really talks about this that I have heard of. Here you have four separate groups of white English Protestants that all differ significantly, and that further form into two groups, Northern and Southern, with a homicidal hatred for each other.

Sailer describes the Jews as opposing white racial consciousness, but the Jews are allied with the Northern Protestant white groups (Puritan, Quaker, German and Dutch) with whom they are culturally comfortable, against the racial consciousness of Southern Protestant white groups and non-Protestant whites whom they mutually despise. Usually what appears to be a racial conflict is the first group of whites using minorities to attack the second group of whites—or better put it is racial conflict, but white-on-white and not black-on-white.

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