A Reader Offers A Speculation On The DC Navy Yard Shooter's Origins
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Re: James Fulford's blog item: Mugshot Of One Black Navy Yard Gunman

From: A Speculative Reader [Email him]

Going by his unusual name (Aaron Alexis) and the fact that he is from Brooklyn my bet is he is son of Caribbean immigrants. I never heard of a black man with his last name and his first name is the proper type Caribbean people like

We shall see.

James Fulford writes: We shall see, indeed. Kathy Shaidle likes to not blog about these things at the time they're going on because the details released by the Main Stream Media are almost all wrong.The posts I did today are about media behavior.

If I were guessing, I might guess that Alexis was either an immigrant or the son of an immigrant from Africa, but guessing is all that it would be.

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