A Houston Reader Wonders Why Aaron Alexis Keeps Being Called A “Texas Man”
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From: George Weinbaum [e-mail him] 

Yesterday’s Houston Chronicle headline (paper, not web) "Gunman with Texas ties kills 12 in D.C. rampage".  The Chronicle’s coverage is improving: 1.75 inches into the story, "For starters, the New York native ... ".  He has NY ties too!.  We even have a 2.5 column-inch photo of Alexis on page 1.

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James Fulford writes: Even Instapundit noticed how wrong it was to call him a Texas Man, writing “I do hear that many media outlets have been calling him “a Texan” without showing the photo. Narrative, you know.”

Instapundit called this "a pic that will disappoint David Sirota and Brian Ross".

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