A Former Farmer's Branch Resident Reports On The Illegal Occupation
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From: An American Former Resident Of Farmer’s Branch [Email him]

Here’s a story about an illegal alien rally in Farmer’s Branch, Texas, which banned renting property to illegal aliens:

"I don't think it’s right,” Garcia said. “People are trying to kick us out of here. We have the right to be here."

Garcia spoke on behalf of her mother, who speaks little English. She said many of her classmates and kids who live in her apartment complex did not attend school either.

The rally was held in a park near Heritage Circle and Josie Lane in Farmers Branch.

“This area, it’s 90-percent Hispanic. 85 percent are probably undocumented,” said activist Carlos Quintanilla. “This is the battle ground. This is what the whole litigation is about. [Rally marks first day of boycott for Farmers Branch illegal immigrant rental ban, by Carla Wade, WFAA,September 13, 2013 ]

I lived in Farmers Branch in 1979. The suburb was tidy, crime-free, and lily white. It was like something out of My Three Sons. It was a great place to live.

Now it's a barrio on 'roids. See Crime in Farmers Branch, Texas.

All of the illegal American (sic) children get "free" meals in the public schools.

Of course the jerks at WFAA.com, part of Belo Broadcasting, don't have the guts to show the faces of the illegal kid.

The catharsis is coming, and sooner than folks think.

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