Black Navy Yard Shooter Is "Texas Man" In Media
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Texas Man

Aaron Alexis, who has been identified as an active shooter in the Navy Yard shootins, is currently being referred to as a "Texas Man" by some in the media. He's not, he's a New York Man who has served hitches in Texas.

The Fox News Headline that says

Texas man ID'd as shooter in Navy Yard attack that killed 12

Fox News-1 hour ago

in the Google search results above has been changed to read

Navy vet ID'd as shooter in DC attack that killed 12

Published September 16, 2013

 Absent a photograph of the shooter, that's not an improvement:
Alexis, 34, of New York, was a Navy aviation electrician's mate, third class, who spent time in Texas and Illinois. It was not immediately clear when he left the Navy. While stationed in Fort Worth, he was arrested on Sept. 4, 2010, after an upstairs neighbor reported that he had fired shots up into her apartment.The neighbor said Alexis had often angrily confronted her about making too much noise, and she told police he scared her.
The words "black" and "African-American" do not appear in this story.
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