A Reader Objects To Michelle Malkin's Pro-War Columns; Peter Brimelow Replies
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November 07, 2005

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From [Name Withheld]

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column "All the News That's Fit To Omit"   

I ask you again, why is Michelle Malkin on VDARE.COM? She is a hack, a shill, for the Republican Party. She writes more about our misguided Iraq War effort than anything else.  What in the hell does she have to do with immigration reform?  And why should I continue to donate to VDARE.COM when it insists on wasting space and money on her?

Peter Brimelow replies: We normally get this complaint about Paul Craig Roberts, who is pugnaciously on the other side of the Iraq War debate. We carry them both because both are among the very few syndicated columnists who do speak out on immigration—for example, here and here. We have to pay for all of their columns, so we figure we might as well post them all. Similarly, we post all of Joe Guzzardi's Lodi News-Sentinel columns as a courtesy, although only a few are directly about immigration.

As I have repeatedly said, VDARE.COM is a single-issue website focused on immigration and the National Question—whether the U.S. can survive as the political expression of a particular people. We are a coalition. Many of our writers disagree on other issues, sometimes fiercely. But they are united on the overwhelming importance of this issue. It is because so many of our readers endorse our strategy, and donate, that we are able to keep the immigration reform point of view before the public.

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