A Reader Notes That, When Immigrant Crime Stories Appear In The MSM, Only The Victim Is An Immigrant
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From:  A Reader Whose Letter Contained TWO Requests For Anonymity [Email him, care of us, as usual]

An article in Saturday's New York Times recounts a scam perpetrated mainly against "elderly Chinese women", and describes how one targeted victim ended up turning the tables on the scammers. [Scam Suspects Become the Victims, By Michael Wilson, Published: June 7, 2013]

Midway through the piece, reporter Wilson, quoting San Francisco DA George Gascón, does his best to pull the heartstrings of Times readers: "They're [i.e. the scammers] clearly preying on the immigrant community who [sic] has stronger religious beliefs and customs."

So who are the heartless wolves "preying" on "the immigrant community"? Turn to the last (throwaway) paragraph for the answer: "The five [perpetrators; sorry: alleged perpetrators] are believed to have recently arrived in New York from China." [My emphasis.]

In other words, the criminals are themselves immigrants who have been in the country for less time than their victims—and yet they are described as preying on "the immigrant community"?

Only in the bizarro world of modern America could a scam carried out by fresh-off-the-boat illegals or people entering on false premises be used by journalists as a pretext to muster sympathy for immigrants!

One is reminded of the proverbial defendant who murders his parents and pleads clemency owing to his status as an orphan.

P.S. The page on which the above article appeared was an immigration twofer in the hard-copy edition: The other article on the page, entitled "For Puerto Ricans, a Parade of Questions," [By Winnie Hu,  June 7, 2013 ] with excruciating puzzlement tries to get to the bottom of how the finances of the Puerto Rican Day Parade could have been mismanaged in recent years. El Diario columnist Gerson Borrero, who no doubt gets minority immunity for stating a Politically Incorrect truth, noted: "They're treating the parade like their own banana republic." Who ever would have imagined?

James Fulford writes: The MSM trope in which the victim is called an immigrant, and the victimizer is not has been noted here before:

Immigrants frequently victimize their compatriots in America, partly because they speak the same language. See Immigrants Exploiting Each Other In San Francisco’s Chinatown—And The American Taxpayer Is The Ultimate Victim.

But it’s quite possible that the Chinese ladies were actually naturalized American citizens, being victimized by immigrants—the kind of people they left China to avoid.

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