A Reader Notes Rush Limbaugh Slipping On Immigration
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Re: James Fulford's blog item Rush Limbaugh Makes It Three In A Row On Immigration

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

Thursday (August 30), Rush Limbaugh again talked about immigration and the Republican convention. A caller asked why no one at the convention mentioned illegal immigration when it was a drag on the economy and now, with Obama's Adminstrative Amnesty, there will be two million more people to compete for jobs.

Rush first corrected the caller and said that Nikki Haley did talk about illegal immigration two nights ago. [See Nikki Haley Defies GOP Convention Bosses, Raises Immigration: Deserves Apology, By Patrick Cleburne]. Rush said of illegal immigration: "it's a big deal; it's a big issue."

He then said he thought the Republicans didn't mention the subject because:  

a) They were afraid of being called racist and

b) Republicans thought the base—which is concerned about illegal immigration—would vote against Obama anyway.

So they were taking the path of least resistance.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later, Rush said that actually all the speakers did talk about legal immigration and America being a land of immigrants. Rush talked about assimilation as part of the right kind of immigration. He displayed the usual Republican attitude that there is nothing wrong with legal immigration.

I think Rush, like most Republican politicians, still doesn't comprehend the impact of legal immigration—overcrowding, cultural and racial change, job competition and—especially for someone like him—the fact that more immigrants means more Democrat voters.

Rush also said that he was sure that Marco Rubio would address immigration tonight and would do it brilliantly. Rubio, of course, is notorious for his Dream Act Lite. I will hold my breath about Rubio's speech and Rush's take on it.

James Fulford writes: In the event, Marco Rubio’s speech was underwhelming, and mentioned immigration only to say that his father emigrated to America. As for Limbaugh, although we have been gratified recently, our motto has always been "Put not your trust."

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