A Reader Protests That George Lopez Isn't THAT Disloyal
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Re: Allan Wall’s article Assimilation Fail: Why Isn’t Chicano Comedian George Lopez A Loyal American?

From: Christopher Herman [Email him]

I'm a big fan of "The George Lopez Show", and if you have watched any of those episodes (and I have seen most of the episodes over and over) you don't get the same anti-American sense that the author of the essay is trying to convey.

There's even one whole episode where G.W. Bush visits the factory where George works, and instead of being crudely anti-Bush, the writers made fun of the daughter's easy and mindless anti-war stance.

In another episode, Lopez says he is actually FOR stricter immigration laws. There's a general sense that the character is patriotic, and identifies as a American first, and a Mexican-American second. He does make fun of all sorts of Mexican-American stereotypes.

If the pro-American views were so offensive to him, I doubt he would have consented to them—it was his show, after all. So what we are seeing and hearing with his stand-up routines are not identification with Mexico, but rather the association between strict immigration standards (which Arpaio represents) and "racism".

It is total leftist programming, and as his fame grew, he likely conformed himself more comfortably with all the normative views that run in those celebrity circles. He always had a "big head"—fame has made it swollen. He can be an immature jackass—I suspect that is why Masiela Lusha eventually left the series.

James Fulford writes: The key word above is “writers”. In a standup show, the performer is presumably speaking for himself. In a sitcom, he’s speaking for the gigantic corporation that employs him—and eventually cancelled him—and the words are the words of Bruce Helford, series creator, and the corporation’s lawyers.

I should say that the reason the headline (written by me, as editor, not Allan Wall) says Lopez is “Not A Loyal American” is that he’s SUPPORTING THE INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES.

No matter how much he says “I love this country” that’s disloyal.

Here’s Lopez’s full special, on YouTube, with swearing included, and below is Joe Arpaio’s reply to Lopez.

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